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Unlock DeFi with Reputation

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The growth of DeFi is limited by a lack of key reputation services

Smart contracts are still unable to connect with real-world reputation providers in meaningful ways. People have little insights into their own account data across different networks, and also the trustworthiness of other accounts, oracles or DAOs. Due to a lack of credit score services, DeFi is still fully over-collateralised. Reputation DAO is solving these problems by creating verifiable, decentralised and programmable reputation services for DeFi.


There are still no under-collateralised loans or margin accounts in DeFi.

It’s hard to determine the trustworthiness of accounts, protocols and oracles

Smart contracts can’t currently connect to important real-world reputation services.

Scan & Connect

The Reputation back-end streams and scans enormous amounts of blockchain data on any EVM blockchain network. We focus on scanning data for individual DeFi accounts, oracles and DAOs.

Reputation’s decentralised oracle networks, powered by Chainlink, will connect with relevant off-chain reputation services that are demanded as such as identity services, relevant AML/KYC checks, FICO/Vantage scores and relevant social media data.

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Analyse & Calculate

Scanned data relating to individual accounts, oracles and DAOs is then analysed and sorted for relevance, such that it can be visualised for users or piped on-chain. Reputation data is publicly accessible through a free API.

Reputation DAO has developed RepScores which are a reputation scoring algorithm that use on-chain sources of data. RepScores will have the immediate use-case of lowering collateral requirements within DeFi for individuals if integrated into contracts.

Analyse and Calculate Diagram

Visualise & Integrate

Data is presented to people so they can explore and gain insights into either their own or other parties on-chain interactions. Accounts, oracles and DAOs will be able to view and inspect their individual transactions on-chain history, whilst assessing relevant reputation metrics.

Hybrid smart contracts that integrate Reputation DAO’s services will unlock the potential for existing smart contract protocols and next generation applications powered by reputation data. RepScores, AML/KYC and credit data will push DeFi into under-collateralised territory.

Visualise and Integrate Diagram
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Oracle Explorer

Oracle Reputation is a way for users to understand the quality of individual oracles within the Chainlink network and how they contribute to the security of existing decentralised oracle networks (DONs) and secure billions of dollars of value within DeFi.

Account Explorer

Connect your web3 wallet to view your individual account reputation and on-chain interactions with DeFi, NFTs, GameFi and more. Link your accounts to aggregate your reputation data.

Account Explorer diagram
Reputation Screenshot

Democratised Reputation

Reputation DAO is building a fair and democratic reputation layer. Individuals, protocols, oracles and DeFi users will be able to effectively govern the Reputation ecosystem.


Standardised framework to prove identity and ownership without sharing sensitive information on chain through smart contract driven zk KYC/AML and any off chain data. Individuals can toggle their privacy preferences to reflect their needs and choose their transparency level.

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Reputation DAO is building the future of reputation.
Come and be a part of the journey.

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